The SR22 shop agency CSS Insurance Services llc was founded in 1966, by Mary McKenna in Chula Vista, California across the street from the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Diego, California. CSS Insurance Services was one of the first agencies to begin issuing SR22 filings directly out of its offices. The first Insurance company that the sr22 shop started to write sr22 insurance for was, Financial Indemnity Insurance company, a representative from the corporate offices came into the agency and requested that Mary represent them. Shortly thereafter, other companies started to request that our agency begin writing sr-22 insurance and representing their companies as well. Mercury Insurance, Coast National Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Infinity Insurance, Leader Insurance, Drive Insurance, etc. all requested that CSS issue SR22 filings to their clients. Our state of the art rating software system was set up where the clients information was collected and submitted to all of the companies that CSS represents, each of the companies would respond to the request and the terms of each of the companies would be presented to the client. The client could then choose what plan was best for them. Included in the quote was also information regarding the company’s financial strength, payment structures and coverages. We have implemented that system into our rating software online, now a client can put their information into the SR22 rating system and find out the terms, pricing ,company names, company prices, Company’s financial strength ratings, all at their fingertips. The companies have authorized these prices to the California Department of Insurance.

The founders of CSS / SR22Shop circa 1969 (some old newspaper clippings)


Construction being completed
Grand opening of CSS Insurance Services llc 1966

Original offices still in operation today
located directly across the street from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

First press release
drumming up business

Newspaper clipping of retired agents
CSS original staff

Now a seperate agency

Forbes Magazine
George Joseph discussing current markets November 1994

MS society
recognition for community involvement and sponsorship

Pac Bell uses CSS for National ad campaign
PAC Bell.

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BBB verified 1961

Pac Bell testimonial
Pac Bell add

We are directly appointed with over 70 insurance companies that are willing to file an SR22 with the California DMV. No matter what your driving record is,  we can insure you. Below are just a few of the companies that we represent.

  Pacific Specialty Insurance Company    Progressive Car InsuranceDrive Insurance from Progressive


California DMV and Dept. of insurance approved sr22 provider # License#: 0I81019 Located directly across the street from the department of motor vehicles

SR22 shop is a specialized division of CSS Insurance Services LLC License#: 0I81019 founded over 45 years ago. Representing over 70 insurance companies finding the lowest price for you, the customer. Our state of the art comparative rating software  lets us shop for your automobile insurance and provide you with the lowest down and lowest monthly installment.  CSS has grown from one small office in Chula Vista California to several Locations throughout California.  If you are interested in employment in our firm please contact our Human resources department  at 866-872-4689

The original agency (still in operation today) oldest in San Diego.